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A San Francisco neighborhood model created with Scratch for our annual Art Night

5 december 2016 0:41
Content Teaser 7th grade students created a 3D model of a San Francisco neighborhood and bringing it alive using LEDs programmed with Scratch.

Every year, our school organizes an event called “Art Night”  . Every student has the opportunity to present an art project related to a theme in our school. Last year’s theme was water, and this year it is California Art.

Related Media Images:  Traffic light Electric pole with program in Hummingbird Construction of electric pole Other Files: cs-questions_planning_.pdf Links:  Presentation student Featured:  Not-Featured

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​ Scratch in the Classroom: Alexis Cobo

4 december 2016 0:30
Content Teaser Alexis Cobo, a Lower School Computer Science Teacher working with students in grades 2-5, gives us a look inside her classroom at Pine Crest School, in Boca Raton, Florida.

Scratch in the Classroom

Related Media Scratch Project:  nate_pritzker_historical_fiction_video_game.sb2 Featured:  Not-Featured

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Basic Neurone in Scratch

30 november 2016 12:33
Original Author:  Scott Turner Content Teaser Using Scratch to produce a single neurone of a neural network Using Scratch to produce a single neuron of a neural network. The video showing it action can be found at  ​

  Resource Files basic_neuron.sb2 Links:  Video Featured:  Not-Featured

Teachers can be coders.

29 november 2016 20:41
Content Teaser Free resource for K-6 teachers: Learn to code through self-paced, teacher-friendly tutorials and get access to hundreds of hours of standards-aligned coding lesson plans. Hello everyone,

My name is Raj. I'm an educator and programmer based in Los Angeles, and also the creator of Code Monkey Island. I've been teaching kids to code for the last few years, and recently put all of the experience my colleagues and I have gained using Scratch in the classroom into an online professional development program.

You can learn more and sign up for free at
Related Media Images:  Other Files:  codecampus-group.jpg Links:  codeCampus For Eduators codeCampus For Families Featured:  Not-Featured

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The Micro House

29 november 2016 19:35
Original Author:  David Watson Content Teaser Engineer a better building envelope Resource added here as Mico House evauation can be completed using Scratch for Arduino sensor input for temperature.

Start with the basic premise that there is no such thing (in a Science sense) as ‘cold’. Heat or the absence of heat provides the continuum (hot to cold). To better design homes, we need to minimize heat loss in ‘cooler months’ and heat gain in ‘hotter months. Resource Files Other Files:  micro_house_project.doc Featured:  Not-Featured

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Expand the Scratch Environment to the Microcontroller

29 november 2016 19:12
Original Author:  David Watson Content Teaser Computational thinking solidifies the thread to the outside world: Mathematics IN Science IN Technology.  Push the boundary past the sequence design of screen output. Bloom's notions of higher-ordered- thinking will be laterally developed when learners use processing capacity to affect input and output directly in their environment and beyond the restrictive visual interaction on a computer's screen. In the lessons found within the attached file,  a student can take an introductory step into real-world computing by connecting their programming efforts to a simple microcontroller attached via a USB cable. Resource Files Other Files:  lesson_sequence_s4a_to_support_steam.docx Featured:  Not-Featured

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Creative Computing and the ScratchEdTeam YouTube Channel

7 november 2016 0:44
Content Teaser Check out the ScratchEd Team YouTube Channel to learn more about creative computing! Want to know more about #CreativeComputing? Don’t know where to start? We have a lot of great video resources on our ScratchEdTeam YouTube channel, from discussions of the importance of learning to express oneself through code to more theoretical videos that explore constructionism, the theory that drives our creative computing research at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Here’s one to get you started:

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Creative Computing Guide Remixes

7 november 2016 0:31
Content Teaser Share your Creative Computing Guide remix! Don't forget, we want to see your creative computing guide remixes! Sharing your remix is a great way to collaborate with other ScratchEd teachers and bring some new inspiration to your classroom.

Check out the original post for more details! Featured:  Not-Featured

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Scratch for Every Subject: Math

1 november 2016 16:55
Original Author:  Mary Adelaide Content Teaser This collection of Math+Scratch resources highlights many ways that students build mathematical understanding by building their own projects in Scratch. By Mary Adelaide, ScratchEd Intern 

For many students, engaging with math and understanding its real world applications can be a challenge. They might get bored with the idea of learning formulas or intimidated by abstract problems and complicated rules. That’s where Scratch can step in.
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Creative Computing For All

28 oktober 2016 23:10
Content Teaser Designing with empathy, considering accessibility, and sparking student curiosity: hear from several inspiring educators on how they approach the concept of creative computing for all!

By Mary Adelaide Brakenridge, ScratchEd intern

How do you think about “for all” in creative computing for all?

We posed this question to our Twitter followers this summer and received many thoughtful replies ( Responders pointed to consideration of all abilities, ages, disciplines, genders, interests, languages, races and ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses.

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5 Ideas for a Spooky Scratch-oween

25 oktober 2016 18:02
Original Author:  Mary Adelaide Content Teaser Check out this BOOtiful collection of Halloween-inspired Scratch projects.

By Mary Adelaide, ScratchEd Intern 


As Halloween approaches, teachers and students alike may be preoccupied with costume planning, ghost stories, and (most importantly) candy. Here are five projects students can try out to capitalize on their Halloween spirit while expanding their knowledge of coding with Scratch.

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Spooky Scratch Halloween

25 oktober 2016 17:54
Original Author:  Sam Bissonnette Content Teaser Need a little inspiration on how to make Scratch a little more spooky?

Happy Halloween week, ScratchEd Teachers!


Need a little inspiration on how to make Scratch a little more spooky? Check out our Halloween-themed playlist on our youtube channel! (


Find videos like the one below, creations from scratchers, and more!

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Scratch - a perfect choice for middle school students

25 oktober 2016 4:34
Original Author:  Abhay Joshi Content Teaser This article suggests answers to two questions that many people face: 1. What is the right age to introduce programming? 2. What is the best first language to learn programming? Resource Files Other Files:  scratch-for-middleschool.pdf Featured:  Not-Featured

Share Scratch Projects via Google Classroom

20 oktober 2016 16:57
Original Author:  ScratchEd Team Content Teaser This short video shows the process of sharing Scratch projects via Google Classroom. Want to post Scratch projects to your Google Classroom account? Here's a simple video and step by step guide: Many thanks to Ingrid Gustafson for creating this video. 

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Self Learning Programming Scratch

18 oktober 2016 10:19
Original Author:  Bui Viet Ha Content Teaser This is my short book for student from 10 to 18 ages to self learning Scratch Resource Files Other Files:  tu_hoc_scratch_goc.pdf Links:  Tự học lập trình Scratch Featured:  Not-Featured

Hola Procodi...!

12 oktober 2016 15:00
Content Teaser Promoviendo la Tecnología en la Juventud Zuliana de Venezuela a través de la programación. De reciente creación ZUTIC es una fundación sin fines de lucro que hemos creado para promover el interés de niños y jóvenes en la tecnolgía haciéndo énfasis en la programación en el Estado Zulia de Venezuela y esperamos que trascienda en mucho las fronteras de nuestro estado y de nuestro País.
Related Media Links:  Fundación ZUTIC Programa Procodi Featured:  Not-Featured

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Meet the Educator: Morgan Kayman

3 oktober 2016 21:53
Content Teaser First grade teacher, Morgan Kayman, uses ScratchJr in her classroom for cross-curricular learning. Meet the Educator: Morgan Kayman Original post on the Featured:  Not-Featured

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Vibot the robot, a book for children from 7 to 77 years old that introduces programming and robotics.

21 september 2016 6:27
Original Author:  Margarida ROMERO Content Teaser ViBot the robot is a book meant for children from 7 to 77 years old that introduces programming and robotics.

ViBot the robot (Romero, 2016, illustrated by Loufane, Publications du Québec) is a book meant for children from 7 to 77 years old that introduces programming and robotics.

The book’s heroes are given a robot as a gift, and they have to program it in order to play with it. Thankfully, they can count on granny Ada, their e-mathematician-granny.

The story is told through English texts and their programmed equivalent in Scratch programming blocks. Resource Files Links:  Vibot the robot Featured:  Not-Featured

Co-creative activities for the 21st century kids

21 september 2016 6:16
Original Author:  Romero & Vallerand (2016) Content Teaser ​This guide aims to promote co-creative uses of technologies and contribute to #5c21 development: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and computational thinking. The objective of this guide is to promote learning activities based on the co-creative uses of technologies. Activities found within these pages are designed to develop five key competencies for 21st century kids: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and computational thinking.

The guide is built around 15 activities that integrate different creative uses of technologies for learning : 
2 unplugged activities introducing computational thinking ; 
3 creative robotics activities ;  Resource Files Links:  Co-creative activities for the 21st century kids Featured:  Not-Featured

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Story Cubes for Scratch Jr.

14 september 2016 20:47
Content Teaser Print and make these Scratch Jr. story cubes for story or game starters in the classroom. This file contains two story cubes that you can print off and glue together.  I used cardstock when I created mine.  One cube has sprites and the other cube has backgrounds. All graphics on the story cubes are found in Scratch Jr.  Great to use for story starters. Resource Files Other Files:  scratchjrstorycubes.pdf Featured:  Not-Featured