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Création de Projets Scratch en Collège

20 mei 2016 7:33
Original Author:  Calvin Content Teaser Voici 3 séries de projets Scratch associés à l’enseignement des sciences de la Vie et de le Terre en collège. Cliquez sur les liens ci-dessous pour accéder à la présentation des trois séries de projets. Chaque série de projets s'appuie souvent sur des vidéos que les élèves doivent suivre pour réaliser un projet.

L'atelier Scratch en 6eme. Il s'agit de projets que les élèves réalisent pendant la pause méridienne.
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Beyond the Rubric: Methods for Assessing Scratch Projects

5 mei 2016 21:45
Original Author:  Carlos Leon & Katie MacDonald Content Teaser Ten diverse ways to assess student learning with Scratch.

So you’ve decided to integrate Scratch programming into your curriculum. Fantastic! But how do you assess your students' learning? What higher-order cognitive skills and transferable learning is Scratch supporting? Did planned learning objectives impact a student’s ability to collaborate, plan, reflect, and communicate? Below (click the link) are a variety of different assessment methods that we’ve compiled that highlight some different ways you can assess Scratch projects.

Resource Files Links:  Beyond the Rubric: Methods for Assessing Scratch Projects Featured:  Not-Featured

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Creative Computing Summer Institute

27 april 2016 17:34
In Creative Computing, we will explore how to support the development of computational literacy in K–12 learners by focusing on key problems of practice: How do we connect computational literacy with required curriculum? How do we balance learner freedom and learner support? How do we assess learning, particularly learning that involves creative artifacts? How do we cultivate our own expertise as educators with creative computing? Image:  Link:  Learn more and register today »

Scratch 2.0 Video Series: Create an Animation

26 april 2016 19:38
Original Author:  Tim Telep Content Teaser 5 part YouTube video series on how to create a simple animation using Scratch 2.0 See details for an outline of content covered in the series. Complete Scratch file and planning page pdf included too. Scratch 2.0 - Create an Animation 2015-2016 Part 1 - Choose Backdrops & Sprites / Stage Scripts Stage -> backdrops tab Choose 2 backdrops from Library Resource Files Completed prince & princess animation used in the video series Links:  YouTube Playlist - Scratch 2.0 - Create an Animation Downloadable Blank "Create an Animation" Project Plan PDF Featured:  Not-Featured

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Meetup Recap #ScratchEdMeetup #NOLA

25 april 2016 17:18
Content Teaser The first New Orleans ScratchEd Meetup took place on April 16, 2016. [View the story "#ScratchEdMeetup #NOLA" on Storify] Featured:  Not-Featured

Common Points of Confusion

14 april 2016 21:53
Content Teaser Step-by-step guide through building a soccer game in Scratch, and are designed to point out some potential tricky areas that you and/or your students may run into along the way.

Using Scratch in the classroom has been a great experience for me. The kids love it, it’s fun, it’s interactive, and they pick up some core programming concepts along the way. Sooner or later though, I inevitably get stumped by a problem or a question that a student has. As a teacher I like feeling prepared to explore questions alongside my students, so I decided to do a few write-ups on Scratch concepts that my students have found tricky in the past. Resource Files Links:  1 - Initialization 2 - Broadcast 3 - Variables 4 - Random Numbers 5 - Keyboard Input Featured:  Not-Featured

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Scratch Cross-Curricular Integration Guide

13 april 2016 21:15
Content Teaser ScratchEd resources for educators seeking to blend Scratch across K-12 content areas Whether you are seeking to plan one lesson merging Scratch with specific academic standards or planning for year-long opportunities for students to explore certain content areas in and through Scratch, this document links to resources under the table above that provide a launching point for experienced or novice Scratch educators interested in cross-curricular integration. Resource Files Other Files:  scratch_crosscurricular_integration_guide.pdf Featured:  Not-Featured

ScratchEd Meetups are Spreading

11 april 2016 17:27
Content Teaser ScratchEd Meetups are coming to New Orleans, New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago!

Scratch Educator meetups are participatory professional learning experiences for teachers who want to learn more about teaching with Scratch.

There are three parts to meetups:

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Water Drops : an interdisciplinary project for our annual Art Night.

4 april 2016 18:05
Content Teaser A 7th grade class creates an Art project using geometrical concepts and coding. Over the last three years, I’ve taught a unit about polygons in Scratch to explain reusing variables and loops and to make a connection with their Math class. However, I had never had the opportunity to link it to their Art class. Every year our school has an Art Night  where art projects from students are displayed during one night. When the Art teacher announced in September that the theme this year was water (in response to California’s severe drought), I had the idea to make them draw water drops using geometric shapes (triangles and half circles).
Related Media Images:  drop: geometrical shapes program first version final version Other Files:  polygon_paper.pdf Featured:  Not-Featured

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Activités Scratch pour le collège

1 april 2016 18:49
Original Author:  Christophe Béasse (osupk8) Content Teaser Apprendre l'algorithmique et la programmation - niveau collège Proposition de vidéos en ligne proposant de nombreuses activités dans le cadre du nouveau thème d'enseignement "Algorithmique et programmation" proposé dans le cadre du cours de Mathématiques. Chaque activités est présentée par une vidéo et propose à l'élève de nombreuses capsules d'aide.

Bonne programmation

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Coding for All: Dance and Scratch Workshops

30 maart 2016 17:39
Content Teaser The Coding for All team headed to SxSWedu 2016 to play with Scratch and dance (hip-hop, ballet, and line dancing).

With support from a National Science Foundation grant for an initiative called “Coding for All,” MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and the Digital Media and Learning (DML) Hub at University of California Irvine have been working toget Related Media Scratch Project:  Ballet Sprites Links:  Dance and Scratch LibraryBox Featured:  Not-Featured

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Getting started with Scratch: Manual for parents and teachers Kindle Edition

22 maart 2016 6:50
Original Author:  Denis Golikov Content Teaser This manual is created for parents and teachers, who have never worked with Scratch before This manual is created for parents and teachers, who have never worked with Scratch before and have some questions about its interface and general operation. This manual will give all the answers for kids, who have just started to learn programming with Scratch in school, as well as show them some secret tricks and hints.
It is free from 21 to 23 of March 2016 Resource Files Links: Featured:  Not-Featured

First New Orleans ScratchEd Meetup - April 16, 2016

17 maart 2016 16:33

The first-ever ScratchEd Meetup is happening in New Orleans on April 16, from 10am-1pm, in Central City!

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LEGO WeDo 2.0 & Scratch

15 maart 2016 15:29
Content Teaser You can now use Scratch 2.0 to control LEGO WeDo 2.0 robotics!

This is a repost of the Scratch Team update:


The LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 is an introductory invention kit you can use to build your own interactive machines. You can snap together Scratch programming blocks to interact with your LEGO WeDo creations and add animations on the screen.

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Meet the Teacher: Enzo Ciardelli

15 maart 2016 15:17
Content Teaser Ontario teacher proves coding is not just for computer science classes. Reposted from the Scratch Foundation Blog

By My Nguyen

Ontario teacher Enzo Ciardelli is not a computer science teacher. In fact, he had minimal experience with coding prior to introducing it to his 6th grade class at Gordon Price Elementary School last September.

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Visual programming languages integrated across the curriculum in elementary school: A two year case study using “scratch” in five schools

12 maart 2016 1:36
Content Teaser Scratch Research in Computer & Education Journal Several authors and studies highlight the benefits of the integration of Computer Science into K-12 education. Applications such as Scratch have been demonstrated to be effective in educational environments. The aim of this study is to assess the use of a Visual Programming Language using Scratch in classroom practice, analyzing the outcomes and attitudes of 107 primary school students from 5th to 6th grade in five different schools in Spain. Related Media Images:  Design Links:  DOI Featured:  Not-Featured

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How to Program a Simple Pinball Game

11 maart 2016 22:49
Original Author:  Unknown Content Teaser Simple Pinball Description to be added PDF to be added (Simple Pinball)

Please see your course overview for program description and marking criteria. Featured:  Not-Featured

How to Program a Simple Donkey Kong Game

11 maart 2016 22:39
Original Author:  Wade Gemmell Content Teaser Description to be added (Sample Robot Donkey Kong) PDF to be added (Robot Donkey Kong)

Please see your course overview for program description and marking criteria. Resource Files Move and Jump with an "Artificial" Gravity System (SCRATCH 1.4) (Robot) Donkey Kong Starter Code (SCRATCH 1.4) Featured:  Not-Featured

Análisis de tareas para instrumento de medición de pensamiento computacional

2 maart 2016 16:17
Original Author:  Sandra Patricia Peña Bernate Content Teaser Análisis de tareas de los instrumentos diseñados en la investigación "Uso de Scratch como promotor del desarrollo del pensamiento computacional en niños", realizada por la Universidad Icesi. Este análisis de tareas corresponde a uno de los instrumentos diseñados para la recolección de información en el marco de la investigación -el uso de Scratch como promotor del desarrollo del pensamiento computacional en niños-, realizada por la Universidad Icesi en el INSA. Las cinco tareas tienen dos objetivos específicos: a) establecer las habilidades cognitivas requeridas en la ejecución de actividades con Scratch; y b) identificar niveles e indicadores de desarrollo de habilidades cognitivas del Pensamiento Computacional. Resource Files Links:  Análisis de tareas para instrumento de medición de pensamiento computacional Featured:  Not-Featured

ScratchJr: Evaluación

2 maart 2016 16:14
Original Author:  DevTech Research Group, Universidad de Tufts Content Teaser ​Esta guía da una idea general de cómo evaluar la comprensión de los estudiantes sobre los bloques de programación en la aplicación ScratchJr. Esta guía da una idea general de cómo evaluar la comprensión de los estudiantes sobre los bloques de programación en la aplicación ScratchJr. Resource Files Links:  ScratchJr: Evaluación Featured:  Not-Featured

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