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Making an Interactive Board Game with Makey Makey

28 juli 2017 21:48
Original Author:  Elliot Schultz Content Teaser Making an interactive board game for use in a multitude of subject areas. Using Makey Makey and Scratch, MSTE Office at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created a board game about pipeline delivery of oil. This was done by thinking of the process for which Oil Delivery takes place, researching facts about pipelines within the United States and the World, and creating short videos for each of the topics addressed. We created a board that looks like the United States and used copper tape, alligator clips, and jumper cables to connect certain spaces on the board to a Makey Makey. Resource Files Images:  Other Files: pipeline_board_design_edit.pdf Links:  Code for MSTE Board Game Original Mike Murphy ScratchEd Featured:  Not-Featured

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Απλή κίνηση δεξιά – αριστερά με τα βελάκια στο Scratch

19 juli 2017 12:56
Content Teaser Σε πολλά έργα που δημιουργούμε στο Scratch υπάρχει η ανάγκη να μπορούμε να μετακινούμε έναν χαρακτήρα δεξιά – αριστερά με τα βελάκια. Resource Files Links:  Βίντεο στα ελληνικά Featured:  Not-Featured

Κίνηση χαρακτήρα σε βάθος οθόνης στο Scratch

19 juli 2017 12:48
Content Teaser Πως μπορούμε να πετύχουμε στο Scratch το εφέ της μετακίνησης ενός χαρακτήρα σε βάθος οθόνης.
  Resource Files Links:  Βίντεο στα ελληνικά Featured:  Not-Featured

Running game with Scratch and makey makey

19 juli 2017 11:12
Content Teaser Using makey makey and programming in Scratch we can make a running game that players actually run on a specially designed board. The game was programmed by students of the Experimental Elementary School of Florina during the 2015-2016 season. At first the game was played using the keyboard where two players control the two digital athletes.

Later on we decided to use MakeyMakey to control the two athletes by actually running on a special controller made by cardboard and metal foil. There are four metal foil pedals and each one is connected to four keys in MakeyMakey. The two players where special bracelets which are connected to the ground on Makey Makey.
Resource Files run.sb2 Images:  Links:  Original article on my webpage Featured:  Not-Featured

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A Lego candy machine for Scratch games

19 juli 2017 10:36
Content Teaser Create a simple candy machine with lego bricks which you can use in your Scratch games to award winners with candy! A candy machine with lego bricks and a motor. It takes mnm or similar candy and can be combined with any game on Scratch to give candy to the winners. The design was made by students from the programming club of the Experimental Elementary School of Florina during the 2015-2016 season and it was used in many of our games. Download the lxf files and open them with Lego Digital Designer. Resource Files Images:  Other Files:  machine.lxf drawer.lxf Links:  Original article on my webpage Featured:  Not-Featured

Stable hand, a game with Scratch + MakeyMakey

19 juli 2017 10:26
Content Teaser Combine Scratch with makey makey to make a fun game! This game was designed and created by students of the programming club of the Experimental Elementary School of Florina during the 2015-2016 season. The main objective for the players is to move the stick from one side to another without touching the wire. Under the black cardboard there is a MakeyMakey adjusted. The stick is connected to the ground, the starting point is connected to left arrow, the ending point to right arrow and the wire is connected to space.
Resource Files Final program in Scratch Images:  Links:  Original article on my webpage Featured:  Not-Featured

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Lego WEDO Wind turbine programmed with Scratch

19 juli 2017 10:14
Content Teaser Build a wind turbine with lego and program it with Scratch using the microphone of the computer as the wind input. Implemented by students from the robotics club of the Experimental Elementary School of Florina, during the 2015-2016 season. We followed instructions from WEDO Bots ( with some changes for better stability.

The motor is controlled by a microphone that serves as a wind sensor (loudness). A Scratch program instructs the motor to spin faster as the wind picks up (loudness of the microphone). Resource Files The final Scratch program Images:  wind turbine in action wind turbine in action wind turbine in action wind turbine in action Links:  Original article on my webpage Featured:  Not-Featured

Interactive European monuments board using Scratch along with raspberry pi and makey makey

19 juli 2017 9:58
Content Teaser Mixing Scratch programming with 3d printing and electronic circuits to make an interactive board! The board consists of a wooden structure with various 3d printed monumets of Europe, and can be connected to any screen and speakers. In front of every monument there are two metal pins and when they are touched the screen shows information and photos of the monument while the same info are being played by the speakers.
Resource Files Images:  Under the hood of the board The board connected to a screen and speakers Under the hood of the board Under the hood of the board Touching the metal pins in front of the monument 3d design seminars 3d printing day Schematic of connections under the board Links:  Original article on my webpage Featured:  Not-Featured

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Scratch Across Every Subject: A Recap

18 juli 2017 20:43
Original Author:  Patrick McGuire, Mary Adelaide, Wilhelmina Peragine Content Teaser Interested in integrating Scratch into your classroom this Fall, but aren't sure where to start? Here's a recap of our Scratch Across Every Subject Series!

Scratch is incredibly versatile–it's not just for computer science classes! Scratch can be incorporated into any content area in any classroom.  Whether you teach English, Science, Math, History, or Art, Scratch can contribute to your student's learning in a number of ways!
Featured:  Featured

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#ScratchEdChat on Scratch and Problem Solving

21 juni 2017 16:17
Original Author:  ScratchEd Team Content Teaser For our last #ScratchEdChat, we hosted a discussion on Scratch and Problem Solving. [View the story "Scratch and Problem Solving" on Storify] Featured:  Not-Featured

Let's Play! Dynamic Physical Therapy Games using Scratch and Makey Makey. Plus: Turning Code into Calder!

16 juni 2017 2:38
Original Author:  Carrie Beth Rykowski Content Teaser ​This STEAM unit is a multifaceted simulation of engineering research combined with an art project!
This unit was taught to a 7th grade Science Enrichment elective course; however, it can easily be adapted to a variety of subjects and grade levels. Since there are not currently computer science standards for middle grades, the high school Introduction to Digital Technology standards were used. Additional standards include 7th Grade Life Science, 7th grade Visual Arts, and 7th grade CTAE Engineering and Technology.

There is an abundance of materials, so feel free to pick and chose what works for you! 
Resource Files Other Files:  carriebethrykowski.innovationunitplan.docx lets_play_lessons_1-5_slides.pptx letsplaymaterials.lessons1-5.docx lets_play_lessons_6-11_slides.pptx letsplaymaterials.lessons6-11.docx Featured:  Not-Featured

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Kids and learning

15 juni 2017 14:24
Original Author:  Lianka Prada Content Teaser Interview about kids and learning. Some weeks ago, I was contacted by for an interview about kids and learning. 
My answers on questions came from my experiece in creative coding classes took in Italian schools and courses.
I'd like to share my interview with everyone on ScratchEd. 
  Resource Files Links:  L’apprendimento disegnato dai bambini Featured:  Not-Featured

#ScratchEdChat Q&A

6 juni 2017 23:49
Original Author:  ScratchEd Team Content Teaser Interested in joining a #ScratchEdChat but not sure where to start? The ScratchEd Team created this resource to help you join the conversation.

Teachers are increasingly using Twitter as a Professional Learning Community. A growing community of Scratch educators is part of this trend. This year, the ScratchEd team started hosting Twitter chats twice per month, called ScratchEd Chats. Each chat is focused on a specific topic, relevant to teachers in the community, and based on informal polling of teacher interests. Featured:  Not-Featured

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Scratch Piano

3 juni 2017 11:14
Original Author:  Sue Gray Content Teaser A digital making project for Scratch and Makey Makey. I run two Code Clubs at local primary schools.  This last half-term I've been working with a group of Year 5 (age 9-10 years) students using Scratch.  We made a Code Club project called Lost in Space and then extended it to make a quiz based on work they had been doing in class on English grammar.  For the next half-term they have asked if we could do something 'physical' as the school has a bunch of Makey Makeys.  Over the break I've been working on a worksheet  for this project.
Resource Files Scratch Piano project for Makey Makey Scratch Piano with a random changing instrument Other Files:  how_to_make_a_piano_in_scratch.pdf Featured:  Not-Featured

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See Inside the Classroom: Bradley Quentin

1 juni 2017 17:11
Content Teaser At Sinclair Elementary School, a communications-focused /STEM magnet school in Houston, TX, all 560 K-12 students in Bradley Quentin’s STEM Lab are building confidence with creative computing.

Featured:  Featured

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Scratch and the Arts Storify Recap

30 mei 2017 23:48
Original Author:  ScratchEd Team Content Teaser A recap of our Twitter chat on May 23rd, 2017! [View the story "Scratch and the Arts" on Storify] Featured:  Not-Featured

Creative Coding Using Scratch - Project Instruction - Dancing Friends

28 mei 2017 14:58
Original Author:  Fanghua Yu Content Teaser Creative Coding Using Scratch: project instruction sheet.

The attached chapters are from my recent book on Scratch coding. Different from other books already published, this book has adopted a more intuitive and pictorial style to teach kids how to use Scratch to create great programs, with little help from adults. It has full picture and step-by-step guide for every project, with sufficient tips and guidance for kids to experiment more based on what they have learned. Building program has become as simple as building LEGO® models. Resource Files Other Files:  project_1-dancing_friends.pdf project_2-catch_me.pdf project_3-little_band.pdf project_4-crazy_letters.pdf Links:  Creative Coding Using Scratch (Basics) codingisforeveryone Scratch Studio Featured:  Not-Featured

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Quick Reference for All Blocks in Scratch 2

28 mei 2017 8:24
Original Author:  Fanghua Yu Content Teaser This is a quick reference for all blocks available in Scratch 2, excluding the extensions. The blocks and descriptions in this reference are organized based on the purpose or usage of them. Starting with a question like 'I want to do ....', the releated blocks are grouped into sections which makes it easier for users to understand what Scratch is capable of.

This reference is part of my newly published book, Creative Coding Using Scratch (Basics). It is available from Amazon for borrowing or buying. There are also free samples that will be shared here. 
  Resource Files Other Files:  a.all_blocks_of_scratch.pdf Featured:  Not-Featured

See Inside the Classroom: Kimberly Boyce

22 mei 2017 16:38
Content Teaser “If it can work here, it can work anywhere,” says Kimberly Boyce, a STEM Lab teacher in a Title 1 school in Houston, TX. In this story, she shares how. See Inside the Classroom: Kimberly Boyce 

As a large, Title 1 school, with a high percentage of refugees and English Language Learners, Piney Point Elementary School serves a critical role in leveling the playing field for underserved students in Houston, TX. The school’s many leaders—from classroom teachers to administrators—hustle and collaborate to ensure that students are thriving, across the curriculum. Featured:  Featured

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17 mei 2017 13:21
Original Author:  CodeClubRik - DMoore of the English Castle Content Teaser Knock Knock! Wanna Hear a Joke. Learn the Code of Laughter and become a programmer at the same time. Resource Files jokes_on_tech.sb2 Links:  English Castle Workshops Knock Knock Knock Knock Young Coders Knock Knock Students Task Featured:  Not-Featured