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Scratch Passport

4 februari 2016 12:13
Original Author:  Maria Beatrice Rapaccini Content Teaser A Scratch passport for Scratch Cards In the library makerspace we are using a Scratch passport combined with Scratch cards.
In a open makerspace we aren't able to predict how many people could partcipate to activities.
Scratch cards are useful for a first approach to Scratch and passport is motivating students to explore all cards.

I would like to prepare a Scratch games passport:
Maze, Pong, Arcade,... Resource Files Images:  Links:  Scratch Cards (Scratch website) Scratch Passport Featured:  Not-Featured

ScratchJr Printout -- Blocks Reference and Paint Editor overview

3 februari 2016 23:41
Original Author:  Marina Bers and Mitchel Resnick Content Teaser A printable ScratchJr blocks reference! This reference is from from The Official ScratchJr Book

Read more at: Resource Files Other Files:  scratchjr-reference-page.pdf Featured:  Not-Featured

New Magic Wand Tool in the Scratch Paint Editor

2 februari 2016 18:32
Content Teaser The new "Magic Wand" tool makes it easy to remove the background of a photo. The Scratch Team just announced a new feature in the Paint Editor: the “Magic Wand” tool.

What used to be a painstaking process is now simple and quick. Using the Magic Wand, you can outline the sections of a photo you wish to keep, discarding the parts you don't want.

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Blog and resources from a german ScratchJr project for 2nd grade elementary school

31 januari 2016 14:13
Original Author:  Robert Garmann Content Teaser German weblog about several weeks of a ScratchJr scenario in second grade primary school. Deutsches Weblog über ein mehrwöchiges Nutzungsszenario von ScratchJr in einer zweiten Grundschulklasse. In diesem Tagebuch beschreiben wir ein Projekt, in dem wir ScratchJr in einer zweiten Grundschulklasse eingesetzt haben.
Resource Files Links:  C4C - code for competence Featured:  Not-Featured

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Initier les élèves à la pensée informatique et à la programmation avec Scratch

26 januari 2016 17:25
Original Author:  Pierre Tchounikine Content Teaser Ce document vise à aider les enseignants (et les formateurs d’enseignants) à aborder l’enseignement de « la pensée informatique » et l’utilisation de l’environnement de programmation Scratch. L’enseignement de l’informatique, de façon générale et, notamment, à l’école élémentaire, est un objet de réflexion. Il y a sur le sujet des discours très divers, plus ou moins fondés, et également plus ou moins liés aux enjeux sous-jacents. Il y a également beaucoup de confusions. Resource Files Links:  Initier les élèves à la pensée informatique et à la programmation avec Scratch Featured:  Not-Featured

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Demonstrate Understanding with Scratch Collage

23 januari 2016 21:03
Original Author:  Derek Breen Content Teaser Use Scratch to honor a hero from history. In the first episode of School of the Future, you will learn how to create a digital collage, combining images and objects from the life of Anne Frank. In the first episode of School of the Future, viewers see the entire process of designing a digital collage, using both bitmap and vector graphics tools in Scratch to combine images and objects from the life of Anne Frank. Two Scratch projects are available to review/remix online, one completed and one with the original photographic elements.  

The video encourages viewers to construct their own collage, emphasizing the techniques can be used for a wide variety of projects.  
Resource Files Links:  YOUTUBE: Explore History With Scratch SCRATCH: Anne Frank Collage Finished SCRATCH: Anne Frank Collage Starter Project Featured:  Not-Featured

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Coding for All: Hip-hop and Scratch in Libraries

20 januari 2016 22:26
Content Teaser The Coding for All team went to YALSA's 2015 YA Services Symposium to explore hip-hop dance and Scratch, exploring ways to facilitate connected learning in libraries.

With support from a National Science Foundation grant for an initiative called “Coding for All,” MIT’s LLK, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and the Digital Media and Learning (DML) Hub at UC Irvine have been working together to explore the creation of interest-based pathways into creative computing (such as Related Media Images:  Links:  Coda's Scratch Project Coding for All Featured:  Not-Featured

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Coding to Learn in Newark, NJ

20 januari 2016 16:55
Content Teaser Through strategic partnerships and community outreach, Newark Kids Code seeks to create a city-wide coalition to create a culture that encourages and supports kids learning to code at an early age.

Read the original story on the Scratch Foundation blog.

Coding to Learn in Newark By My Nguyen Newark Kids Code gives at-risk and underrepresented youth new opportunities to create and succeed.

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Levels of Scratch Curriculum Integration

11 januari 2016 22:37
Original Author:  Ann Nicholson Content Teaser Scratch Programming can be integrated in almost all the content areas. Here are some ideas and resources for doing so. Level 1: If you are new to Scratch, you can search for curriculum related projects on Scratch and ScratchEd. There are many excellent projects that can be found related to math, science, social studies, language arts, music and visual arts. At the Level of Scratch Curriculum Integration page at the Learn from Scratch website, you will find links to to examples of projects and studios for these curriculum areas. As you use the projects with students, you can look inside the projects to see how they were programmed.
Resource Files Links:  Learn from Scratch Website Levels of Scratch Curriculum Integration Resources for Integration Featured:  Not-Featured

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Announcing a New Framework to Define K-12 Computer Science Education

8 januari 2016 22:17

The original post can be found on the k12cs blog.

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New Scratch Feature: Record Project Video

7 januari 2016 18:55
Content Teaser The new Scratch Record Project Video feature is a free and easy-to-use tool for students and teachers to document their process and projects.

Have you ever wished you could:

  • easily create short Scratch tutorials for your students and have your students create their own tutorials?

  • offer your students a simple way to share Scratch projects with family and friends via email and social media?

  • avoid using a third-party application to document Scratch projects?

    Related Media Links:  Scratch Team Update, December 21, 2015 Featured:  Not-Featured

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Learning at the Intersection of Programming and Musicality: MaKey MaKey + Scratch

7 januari 2016 17:10
Content Teaser Students at the Bullis School are learning the fundamentals of music theory and computer programming. From the Bullis School Technology Blog, written by Stacey Roshan. Read more of Stacey's posts on her blog and on twitter.
Related Media Links:  Link to Bullis School Technology Blog Post Stacey Roshan's Blog Featured:  Not-Featured

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Scratch 2.0 Video Series - Build a Maze Game

4 januari 2016 23:28
Original Author:  Tim Telep Content Teaser Elementary-friendly 6 part YouTube video series on how to build a maze game using Scratch 2.0 See details for an outline of content covered in the series. Complete Scratch file included too. Here's the outline I used as I developed each section of the series: Resource Files 4.tim_t.maze_.sb2 Links:  YouTube Play List: Scratch 2.0 - Build a Maze Game 2015-2016 Featured:  Not-Featured

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Drawing a multi-color flower with Scratch

22 december 2015 3:20
Original Author:  Shajith Kumar Mukundan Content Teaser A tutorial for drawing a multi-color flower with Scratch Hi Every One!

I am new to ScratchEd and this is my first post. Happy to be part of a revolution that is changing the way kids learn computer science. I got to learn Scratch (and computer programming) about a year back and there is no looking back. I really love it!

Here is a tutorial that I designed to teach Scratch to middle school students in Chenai, India. It is a bit detailed as my intention was to teach programming concepts using the tutorial in the absense of a live teacher. 
Resource Files Other Files:  flower_project.pptx Featured:  Not-Featured

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How to use Scratch in Citizen Maths

21 december 2015 16:53
Content Teaser Math+Scratch video-series that explores coding with Scratch to give a "hands-on feeling of math in action." This latest phase of Citizen Maths Scratch Videos includes content for Proportion, Representation, and Uncertainty:

In addition to the videos, the site includes a table (excerpted below) describing which skills are explored in each video. Resource Files Images:  Links:  How to use Scratch in Citizen Maths Featured:  Not-Featured

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​Scratch-n-sketch: My African Maker Story

19 december 2015 18:22
Content Teaser Scratch-n-Sketch is a kit that provides a playful exploration and experimentation mechanism of learning electronics and how to code using scratch.
Being a maker or an educator, you are always finding a new way of making things easier for learning how to code and physical computing. Myself am a maker passionate about teaching kids/makers/students new technology but being in a developing world getting the right resources to teach coding and physical computing is a hard task and so frustrating despite having hundreds of kits out there. The low literacy in basic computing skills and slow internet connection makes things even worse.
Related Media Images:  conecting games using outside world using scratch-n-sketch as sketch pad kid at a maker space kid programming using scratch training at a STEM workshop Links:  learn more github page get a kit Featured:  Not-Featured

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Hour of Code 2015

11 december 2015 21:22
Content Teaser Check out these examples of how students participated in Hour of Code 2015. What did your students create this week? Check out these examples of how students participated in Hour of Code 2015. What did your students create this week? [View the story "Hour of Code 2015" on Storify] Featured:  Not-Featured

6th Grade Curriculum for STEAM Class

9 december 2015 20:49
Original Author:  Suzanne Barricelli Collins Content Teaser Sixth Grade STEAM curriculum for 9 week course. I developed this curricculum after using Scratch for about 5 years. I require kids to learn certain skills, but then give students a lot of freedom to be creative.

I find that giving students rubrics for each project makes my expectations clear, and students produce better work.

I would love feedback, as well as ideas for projects that would build upon the experience that my students have learned. Resource Files Links:  Outline of Scratch Curriculum Featured:  Not-Featured

What does computing education look like in your classroom?

8 december 2015 21:34
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